I’m Uday Veer Singh, a books and lifestyle blogger. I have written for a number of websites and nowadays, I share daily short and varying write-ups as Singh With Pen, and share my book reviews and ideas at Singh With Books.

I published my first book, a non-fiction take on the Internet safety called Immune Web, back in 2015. After that, I’ve co-authored a book under GIA foundation with the name Success Stories. I’m working on my next one at the moment and will be sharing all the details on my social networks side by side.

Other than writing and reading, I’m a casual influencer and speaker. Plus, I’m studying Business at the moment.

Feel free to roam this website and beyond using the links available around which will let you know more about me, my works and my life. You can even Contact me using the link above and share whatever you’ve in your mind.

Best Regards.